Are you

  • stuck in a rut with your practice?
  • frustrated with your results?
  • seeking to practise, play and perform joyfully and confidently?

Fresh, transformational practice priorities for Elementary to Advanced players

  • Play fluently and expressively without excess tension
  • Facilitate the 'holy grails' of exquisite dynamic control, rhythmic evenness, phrasing, balance, ornamentation, cantabile and more

Inspired by the pioneer, Abby Whiteside (1881-1956), Piano Portals is the only practical, accessible approach to technique which:
  • challenges convention at its core, offering fresh, commonsense points of focus for your practice
  • spotlights elements of 'gifted' players' techniques - Elephants in the Practice Room - that are often neglected in pedagogy
  • offers a joyful, truly holistic practice for transforming technique through deepening self-awareness, not dogma

"A fabulously engaging tutor with a light touch and enlightened approach to piano teaching."

- Course Participant

Groundbreaking Courses

Joyful, holistic substitute for conventional exercises

Mindful Practice

Mindful practice for focus and presence

Frustration to Facility

Underpinned by an authentic adult journey

Hi, I’m Stephen Marquiss MA (Cantab.), founder of Piano Portals

I left music school in the late 1990s frustrated by recurring injury and a ceiling on my technique.

After a decade in teaching and community musical projects, I refocused on piano playing.

I journeyed from frustration to facility in my 30s and 40s to become a confident performer, tutor and speaker.

I committed over a decade to developing Piano Portals - a joyful, groundbreaking approach to technique.

It's my way of sharing with you the tools that propelled me to a place where I feel satisfied with my piano playing, which feels like a dream come true.